We will open new bar & lounge which has a breathtaking
collections of the whisky for the mature people in
OMOTESANDO...the city where crosses person and person,
Tokyo and the world, present and future, also is transmitting of new culture.

Monday October the 3rd 2016 we will open bar & lounge
which themed「Whisky+ Music + Serendipity」
that located inside area of the Santa Chiara Church with glorious
atmosphere where one path out from the AOYAMA-DORI.

Serendipity means the faculty of making fortunate discoveries by accidents.

We would like to create a place with “Serendipity” also,
a precious time with high quality alcohol, music and enjoyable companies for all of our guests.

We will take time to develop our bar & lounge
for the mature people like a whisky which
slowly mature and change to amber color

A special space where whiskey lined up on the wall like a library book.
Large bars & amp; lounge where adults gather based on "Whiskey + Music + Serendipity" theme.


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